Experts in Grease Trap Relining and Repairs

We are a family owned small business. Located in Salisbury Brisbane.


We have performed works all over the east coast of Australia.

We have a great reputation and almost no downtime to the working business shop front.

We have been using our products and processes for over 15 years now, and it has never failed.


You will find on average it will be about 3 times cheaper to reline than to replace. 


Feel free to email or call us for an estimate on how much you can save over repalacement


You can see the walls are degraded. As the grease eats its way thru the concrete. It will get to a stage that the walls will blow out because the steel inside the concrete, rusts and expands. Therefor cracking the concrete forming a hole for grease to leak into the environment.


The rails for the baffles have been reformed and the degraded concrete repaired. Then relined the grease trap with our unique chemical engineered specific epoxies. Fitted new polly baffles.